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Southern Sunset


(1996, Ould Segosha BNCD003)

1. Ballyhooley (traditional)

2. The Mountains of Mourne (P. French, H. Collisson)

3. The Pool Song (Con O'Drisoeil)

4. Many Years Ago (Words: Brendan Nolan & Pat Greider; Music: Brendan Nolan)

5. Mingulay Boat Song (traditional)

6. Colcannon (traditional)

7. The Old Dun Cow (traditional)

8. River (Bill Staines)

9. When the Boys Come Rolling Home (Tommy Sands)

10. Little Gomez (Eric Bogle)

11. Caledonia (Dougie MacLean)

12. Come to the Bower (traditional)

13. The Joy of Living (Ewan MacColl)

14. The Bob Dylan Song (Eric Bogle)

15. South Australia (traditional)

16. Southern Sunset (Brendan Nolan)

17. Evening's End (Words: Holmes Hooke, Music: Brendan Nolan)