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Last Night


(1994, Ould Segosha GONBNCD01)

1. The Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)

2. Three Jigs and a Reel (Traditional)

3. Cùnla (Traditional)

4. The Kerry Dances (J.L. Molloy)

5. Maggie Pickens (Traditional)

6. Jigs and a Reel in the Minor Mode (Traditional)

7. The Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional/McPeake Family)

8. Brian Boru's March (Traditional)

9. Farewell to Nova Scotia (Taditional; collected by Helen Creighton)

10. A Set of Hornpipes (Traditional)

11. The Bold O'Donoghue (Traditional)

12. Medley: The King of the Fairies (Traditional)

13. Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes)

14. The Mason's Apron Medley (Traditional)

15. A Scottish Medley of Tunes and Songs (Traditional)

16. Whiskey in the Jar (Traditional)

17. A Touch of O'Carolan (Traditional)

18. The Rare Ould Times (Pete St. John)

19. Encore: The Mountain Road (Traditional)